Weeknight Curry In A Hurry!

Weeknight Curry In A Hurry!

I love the warmth and comfort of this meal as it hits all the notes for me on a chilly March Monday!

This recipe uses whole food ingredients, but you can speed it up by adding a store-bought curry blend or a curry soup! Whole foods are beneficial, and they retain their vitamins, fibre, phytochemicals and nutrients, which are often removed from highly refined, packaged products. They are typically much lower in sugar and unnecessary additives that many refined or packaged products can contain.

This one adds power and punch with chickpeas and is a lovely vegetarian meal.

Here’s how I made it: (I used organic ingredients)

🌿 1/2 onion
🌿 3 small carrots
🌿 2 small cans of chickpeas
🌿 1/2 of each red, yellow and orange pepper
🌿 1 red apple
🌿 2 fists of chopped snow peas
🌿 2 fists of cashews

Sauce: curry sauce blend or homemade with your fave curry spices (i.e.: cardamom, coriander, cumin, dry mustard, turmeric, cayenne pepper, paprika, ginger, cinnamon, pepper). Be sure to toast them gently to open them up first. 1 can coconut milk.

Toast the spices with sautéed onion. Then add chopped carrots to sauté until less firm. Add peppers and all ingredients, and coconut milk or a curry store-bought soup. Let simmer on low heat and serve over rice if you like or enjoy it as is! I enjoy my curry with a good bit of chutney!

This recipe freezes beautifully and feeds a crowd or multiple leftover meals, my fave!

It’s still chilly out there, but we must March on toward warmer and better times. (See what I did there?!) This curry will get you feeling cozy and warm!

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