What Matters To Us

Nova Scotia Organics has spent over 20 years developing the best whole food organic vitamins and supplements on the market. Our mission is to help you take control of your health and wellness goals. We know you want to protect your health and that of your family to ensure you live long, active lives.

Nutrients are the the building blocks of health and eating organic whole foods, as nature intended, ensures you get all the micronutrients, trace minerals, fibre, and other natural goodness from your diet. But it can be a full-time job to eat perfectly balanced meals. Carefully selected vitamins and supplements help close the nutrition gap. Like with whole food, Nova Scotia Organics uses the entire herb plant when making each vitmin and supplement. Rather than isolate single biochemical constituents, we allow the whole herb to work synergistically to create the positive health effect that nature intended.

What matters to us at Nova Scotia Organics is that you have the highest quality supplements on the market.

We make only USDA Certified Organic vitamins, supplements, and snack foods. No herbicides, no pesticides, and no GMOs. Our products are all inspected and approved by an independent third-party certifier, Ecocert, on a regular basis. Our products are made by hand in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on a 300-acre seaside farm nestled on the coast of Nova Scotia. And we source over 100 USDA Certified Organic ingredients used in our products from twelve countries.

100 percent natural vitamins

Where large natural product manufacturers radiate their ingredients to eliminate bacterial contaminates and seal in a scary-long shelf life, we distribute the most densely nourishing natural health products available. No synthetics, fillers, stabilizers, preservatives, GMOs, ripeners, color enhancers, fats, or unnecessary sugar. We remove the guesswork from your supplement routine by guaranteeing the highest quality certified organic whole food supplements.



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Every single one of our products are USDA Certified Organic and contain absolutely no synthetics, fillers, stabilizers, preservatives, ripeners, color enhancers, fats, or unnecessary sugar.