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Nothing But Certified Organic

When someone says they are “eating clean,” what they often really mean is that they are eating organically grown, whole foods—the way nature intended. Organic food, grown without the use of pesticides, is the purest, most nutrient-dense produce you can find. Eating this way ensures your body gets all the additional wraparound nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fibre that a whole plant provides. But the realities of modern life and each individual’s health goals mean that meeting your daily nutrient needs with food alone can be tough. Supplementation fills the gaps.

Nova Scotia Organics USDA Certified Organic vitamins, supplements, and snacks are made with organic, whole plants only. No pesticides, synthetics, or chemicals. There are very few 100 percent natural vitamins and supplements on the market. Some established companies offer a few organic products or may contain a few organic ingredients, but it’s rare to find a full line of Certified Organic products.

Since the benefits of organic, chemical-free products have become so well-known in the health world, the word “organic” has become a brand, not just an indicator for how something is grown. That’s why when you’re looking for the best organic whole food vitamins, you need to look for a USDA Certified Organic label.

Get the full picture

Reading lables is crucial to getting the full picture of what you’re really buying:

Made with Organic Ingredients

This means the product is between 70-95% organic, with some eco-unfriendly ingredients and processes prohibited. You won’t find these in our products.


USDA Certified Organic

Only products made with 95-100% organic ingredients that are certified organic by the USDA can display this coveted logo on their label. It’s difficult to achieve, and we’re proud that all of our products carry this distinction.

Every Nova Scotia Organics product is USDA Certified Organic and our ingredients are COR (Canadian Organic standard). Lesser-quality products aren’t subject to the same regulations, and some facilities may never have been inspected to verify their product claims. Consumers who buy USDA Certified Organic can rest assured that their products have been inspected and approved by ECOCERT ICO, an independent third-party certifier.



Today, this term means very little, and does not represent any kind of certification. When applied to vitamins or supplements, the word “natural” can mean just about anything, which is misleading for the consumer.

USDA Organic Seal vs Canadian Organic Logo

USDA Organic
Canada Organic

Every Nova Scotia Organics product is USDA Certified Organic. Our organic ingredients are certified under the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program (USDA NOP) and the Canada Organic Regime (COR).

Because Health Canada does not have its own organic standard for dietary supplements, the industry uses the US standard. However, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency does have its own organic standards for food products. For this reason, our supplement products are USDA Certified Organic and display the USDA Organic logo, while our food products are both USDA Certified Organic and Certified Organic by COR and display both logos.

USDA Organic
Canada Organic
Our Difference

When other companies use synthetic ingredients, or ones that have been handled with certain growing, harvesting or manufacturing practices, they are disqualified from organic certification. Nova Scotia Organics does not use any ingredient that:
•           Has been grown from a GMO or genetically engineered seed
•           Has been exposed to irradiation
•           Includes contaminants
•           Includes synthetic chemicals
•           Has been treated with herbicides or pesticides
•           Has been fertilized with sewage sludge, or synthetic or non-organic fertilizers
Given our commitment to making the highest quality products possible, you’ll never find these contaminants in our vitamins, supplements, or snacks.